Jewish musicians arriving in the United States, Amerike, from Eastern Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries found themselves in a completely new environment and culture.  American audiences preferred bulgars and up tempo swing numbers, and the great players, bandleaders and composers eked out their own styles, mixing with swing and jazz orchestras, Greek traditional musicians, and others to create something decidedly Jewish, but unmistakably American.



Montreal ‘s own Amerike Klezmer is dedicated to this uniquely American style and repertoire, and the incredible musicians that brought it into being.

Ariane Morin, saxophone

Zilien Biret, clarinet

Rachel Lemisch, trombone

Yoni Kaston, accordion

Thierry Arsenault, poyk



May 21st: Tansthoys at la Vitrola


November 20th: Tantshoys at la Vitrola

September 2nd: Ashkenaz festival (TO)

August 26th: Klezkanada after party at Sala Rossa (MTL)

August 20-25 : Klezkanada